We have worked with many of our clients since our firm’s inception three decades ago, and we currently provide services to clients in over thirty states. Is our approach right for you?

There are several elements that create a successful long-term financial journey together with our firm:

  1. You want objective advice. We explain the pros and cons of financial decision-making options and any recommendations/guidance we provide.
  2. Financial plans, projections or guidance provided are not designed as loss leaders used to sell proprietary or expensive investment or insurance products. Our relationships are advisory-based not sales-oriented. Recommendations are not tied to a product sale.
  3. You want to delegate investment decision-making. You benefit from the well-researched implementation of our investment process – your wealth builds in a systematic way. Our primary focus is on quality securities that provide sustainable wealth outcomes and long-term income growth.
  4. You are looking for clear advice and guidance on your overall financial picture. Good financial decision-making incorporates many elements and includes the impact they will have on your decisions.
  5. You want to receive tax and estate planning guidance from an advisory firm that works with your existing tax and legal professionals, if required.
  6. You prefer working with a firm that has no incentive to sell products. For example, there is no singular focus on your risk management goals in order to sell insurance products.
  7. You are interested in reasonable costs for services offered. Your costs are easy to understand and readily communicated. Our goal is to provide guidance that ultimately far exceeds client costs.
  8. We are proactive in our service to clients: responsive to questions, providing objective solutions.
  9. We currently have no set minimum for client relationships. Our focus is on high-level/advanced client care that has the capacity to improve long-term financial outcomes.
  10. We build relationships one at a time.
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